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red-01This is a widely used material covering the range 5 – 50kGy. It is recommended that the radiation-induced darkening is measured at 640 nanometres (nm) wavelength where post-irradiation changes are minimised.
amber-3This is a more sensitive Perspex dosimeter material covering 1-30kGy dose range.  The recommended read-out wavelengths are 603 and 651nm.
alanine-1The newest edition to our alanine product portfolio. Alanine pellets presented in a barcoded strip package. The pellets remain in their packaging for assessment and demonstrate continual traceability and identification.
2005-234Unpackaged white cylindrical pellets of alanine in a wax binder. The standard dose range of this product is 100Gy to 70kGy (10Gy to 100kGy may be achieved).

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