Irradiation is an expensive resource, with Cobalt 60 being an expensive radioactive isotope to manufacture and utilise. A reliable and accurate dosimetry system enables the use of the radiation to be optimised.
Many industries and manufactures struggle to justify the cost of the equipment and expertise needed to have Cobalt 60 cells or other irradiation services in-house.
However, specialised companies have filled the market offering irradiation services to many small and even large manufacturers of medical devices. Some of these service providers have become global players in the irradiation service industry and have many sites around the world offering irradiation services to more than just the medical device industries. There are other commercial applications for irradiation exposure and these providers work in other markets such as polymer modification, food irradiation, cosmetics and even the space industries.
Harwell Dosimeters Limited is pleased to be a critical supplier to many of these service providers and work hard alongside them to provide the dosimeters that meet their regulations and approvals.