Harwell Dosimeters Announces Collaboration with Aerial

Harwell Dosimeters is excited to announce the expansion of our global dosimetry product and services offering through a partnership with Aerial. The collaboration between Harwell and Aerial offers tape tab and electron spin resonance (ESR) spectrometer readers, as well as the associated software and technical support for industrial users of Alanine dosimetry. In addition, Aerial is extending its engineering support to North America with a team of skilled partners to further support our global Customers.

This partnership provides Customers with:
• Standardization of state-of-the-art Alanine dosimetry systems (dosimeter, software, and equipment)
• Improved software and support for current Alanine Customers
• Reduced barrier to entry for new users of Alanine dosimetry

Harwell Dosimeters and Aerial strongly support the continued use of Alanine as the industrial dosimetry system of choice for many applications, including medical device sterilization.

For more information please contact Dave Pymer, General Manager, Harwell Dosimeters.