We recommend that the dosimeters are stored in the temperature range 20±5°C, because we have long-term experience of that range in our own facilities. Humidity is of no concern, as the Perspex is protected by an aluminium foil laminate sachet.

The temperature recommendation does not imply that the dosimeters are necessarily unsatisfactory if they are stored in conditions outside that temperature range. As many customers cannot readily comply under all circumstances, for example for dosimeters attached to products in a warehouse before irradiation, we also provide the following additional guidance, in order to provide flexibility, and to avoid being unnecessarily restrictive:-

  • Long-term storage at 20±5°C is probably ideal;
  • the evidence is very strong that repeated exposure to temperatures up to 27°C for considerable periods produces no significant effect;
  • brief exposure to a much higher temperature, such as 35°C, probably has no significant effect